Family Owned and Operated

Jayce & Camille, Wags Owners

Camille Noel
Jayce McQuerter

Wags is a 5-star pet care company owned and operated by Jayce McQuerter and Camille Noel. An experienced duo, they have fostered dogs and volunteered with various rescue groups around the country. Jayce and Camille were inspired to start a high-quality, neighborhood pet care service after many stressful searches for trustworthy caretakers for their own pups while traveling. Now, years later after launching, Wags has serviced thousands of pets and has expanded to serve several locations.

Meet Our St. Louis Team

Our team members are pet care experts who are life-long pet owners. We take our job very seriously. We cherish, above all, creating an individualized bond with every pet in our care. Each staff member proudly completes a background check in order to provide you with total peace of mind. Meet the team who makes your pets wag!

Megan Davis

Megan Davis

Director of Operations

Megan acts as the Administrative Manager and Client Relations Coordinator for Wags. She is the first friendly face you will meet as she conducts all of our new client in-home consultations and pet evaluations. Megan holds a degree in journalism, so meeting new people and hearing their story (or their pets'!) is right up her alley. She is Wags' go-to when it comes to bringing new clients into our fold and making sure all the critters we begin to care for are nothing but happy!

Growing up her family always had at least one cat in the house, and these days stray cats sense when she is near and come running. At home she has two dogs, Calvin & Otis, a cat named Stella, and an overwhelming amount of pet hair.

Andrea Lujanovic

Andrea Lujanovic

Administrative Manager

Andrea is an animal lover and has held a successful career working in public accounting and corporate tax accounting. She loves math and solving problems, which makes her an attentive, compelling fit for Wags' management of over 700 household accounts.

In her free time, Andrea enjoys reading, going on hiking adventures with her pup Jax, and playing sand volleyball with friends.

Bryn L.

Assistant Director of Operations

Furry Friends: I have three very spoiled and adorable black cats.

Passions: I love science, teaching, reading, and most of all coffee, which helps me accomplish all of the other things :)

Spirit Animal: Definitely a cat, but that's just because I love naps!

Sophia B.

Chief Heart Officer

Furry Friends: Having grown up on a farm I loved milking the goats in the early morning, riding my horse Tango around the pastures, and laying with our pit bulls, Lily and Spot, out in the sun. The chickens would always begin to cluck and fly around the coop as we walked up to the barn, and eagerly burst out into the yard, chasing bugs and feed.

Passions: Acting, Shakespeare, Horseback Riding, Surfing, Bike Riding, Travel, Baking, Swimming, and Hiking

Spirit Animal: A dolphin!

Tyler W.

Director of Development

Furry Friends: Growing up I was raised around two German Shepards, they were both very sweet dogs and knew how to keep a household safe. I currently have a pit bull mix named Bella who is just the sweetest dog you'll ever meet. I adopted her almost two years ago, she is always full of energy and excitement and really loves cuddles and for people to sing to her.

Animal Experience: Owning a young canine myself, I attend professionally taught doggy classes. These classes not only help the owner but the dog learn many new skills and techniques.

Passions: I love sports, was a collegiate athlete. I also am very interested in fashion and entertainment. I own an urban wear online retail/resale shop.

Spirit Animal: Lion

Tyler A.

Wags Team Member

Furry Friends: I grew up with dogs all of my life. Right now I enjoy the company of a 2 year old Great Pyrenees named Cliff. We enjoy walking, and getting off the beaten path by exploring parks and forests.

Animal Experience: In High School my summer job was working as a dog bather. I learned how to deal with a wide variety of dog personality types, as well as how to handle them. When I adopted Cliff we took him to Ann Gafke's Dog Training. The program taught me a variety of commands, dog mannerisms, and training techniques. There must be at least 3 times the amount of praises than negative feedback. It is really about putting the dog in a position to succeed, and showing enjoyment when they behave the correct action.

Passions: Rockclimbing, Geology, Homesteading, and Reading

Spirit Animal: The Ox

Kate F.

Kate F.

Wags Team Member

Furry Friends: My favorite dog was a bull terrier named Vader, who grew into the best friend a girl could ask for.

Education Interests: I am pursuing a B.S. in Business and Economics.

Passions: I'm really focused on finishing my degree, so it feels like my only hobby is studying! I love to cook as much as possible, making food a passion, an interest, and a hobby (I love to eat as much as I love to cook, maybe even more).

Spirit Animal: I'd be a manatee because they love to kick back and relax.

Melissa M.

Wags Team Member

Furry Friends: I just moved to St. Louis with my Jack Russell, Miles. Before that, we lived in Tennessee, where I got Miles as a tiny puppy 7 years ago. He was dirty and unwanted but full of life, so I took him home and he's been my buddy ever since. Now he loves to jump, bounce, run, dig, destroy stuffed toys (my floor is always covered in fluff), bark at runners, and sometimes even howl! He's like a shaken soda can about to be popped open -- ready to explode with energy! So to burn that energy, we've been exploring the city. St. Louis is such a great place to walk, discover, and have fun, so it's perfect for us. We love getting to know the city, and of course the dogs (and people) who live here!

Passions: I am nearly finished with a master's degree in adult ESL (English as a Second Language) education. Besides teaching, I love cooking, walking outdoors, tennis, yoga, sewing, growing plants and flowers, and drinking coffee!

Spirit Animal: A panda!

Hannah S.

Hannah S.

Wags Team Member

Furry Friends: I currently have one cat named rocket. She's about 2 years old. Growing up I have had lots of pets, even 4 dogs at once. I'm used to having a house full of pets!

Volunteer Interests: I also have done service and volunteer work with children at a school for autistic children.

Passions: In my free time I'm probably somewhere in nature hula hooping. I enjoy traveling and going to concerts and I am passionate about music. I love hanging out with my friends as well.

Spirit Animal: A butterfly , always changing and growing--flowing through life and going wherever the breeze takes me.

Chase S.

Wags Team Member

Furry Friends: As a child I had a Bouvier des Flandres (Max), and more recently a Shih Tzu (Skylar). Unfortunately I recently had to put down our family Shih Tzu due to kidney failure, but I can assure you she was the life of the party for 10 years. Both dogs, being different in size, had completely different personalities. Max was always extremely relaxed, while Skylar was extremely rambunctious. I also own a cat named Charlie. He is a true ladies man, and sometimes even I get jealous he would rather spend more time with my girlfriend than myself.

Animal Experience: I have on numerous occasions been a go-to for watching animals of friends and family. Whether watching my Aunt's two Shih Tzu's, or dog-sitting Pitbulls that have belonged to friends, I am always happy to be around dogs/cats.

Passions: Producing music, playing golf, working out, and spending quality time with family and friends.

Spirit Animal: A monkey. More specifically, either Japanese Snow Monkey, or the Orangutan.

Marsha S.

Wags Team Member

Furry Friends: My partner and I share our home with our two sons and their two rescues from Posh Puppies in downtown St. Louis. Our older son, Oscar, picked out Fox, a handsome and flirtaious Pomeranian. Our younger son, Corey, chose Snowy, a busy and bossy West Highland terrier. The boys are now 21 and 14; both dogs are seven.

Passions: I love animals and the outdoors, which is why walking dogs is the perfect job for me. I also enjoy riding horses and bikes. When forced indoors I read and play guitar.

Spirit Animal: Right now it is a Swainson's hawk that sometimes graces our backyard.

Gretchen S.

Gretchen S.

Wags Team Member

Furry Friends: I currently have one pup! His name is Rigby and he is a one year old mix between a papillon and a Lhasa apso.

Education Interests: I have a BA in communication from the university of Missouri, but I've decided to go back to school at Saint Louis University to get my teacher certification!

Passions:I love to go dancing, watch new movies in the theatre right when they're released, and I also love baking & cooking.

Spirit Animal: A penguin. They're so cute!

Erica S.

Wags Team Member

Furry Friends: My boyfriend and I have three 10-year old cats (Alli, Otto, and Noche) that we adore! We started with Noche and then recently adopted Alli. I did not know at first that Alli had been dropped off at the shelter with another cat, but when I found that out, I had to give him a home as well!

Volunteer Interests: I volunteer at the Ronald McDonald Family Room at Barnes Children's Hospital

Passions: Organizing, reading, volunteering, kayaking, and collecting vintage teacups

Spirit Animal: Turtle

Sharia S.

Wags Team Member

Furry Friends: I have one dog named Bentley. He is a 2-year-old cockerpoo and he is the love of my life! Wherever I go Bentley is by my side. I love to make homemade treats each week for my little guy to try so he stays motivated with training and tricks. You can for sure say that I am a dog lady!

Animal Experience: I went to a grooming academy and got certified to groom dogs and cats when I was 19 years old. For four years I worked in a grooming salon while I completed my bachelors degree in Psychology. When I graduated I became a social worker, working with at risk teen moms and their babies. Though it was tough at times, I loved the job and the relationships I had built with some of my clients. As a maternity social worker I had seen it all! I've been in the labor and delivery to witness a babies first breath, encouraged toddlers to take their first steps, beamed ear to ear when I made a silly song or face to make a child laugh hysterically and educated parents on how to be the best moms that they could be! It truly was a wonderful experience. A lifestyle change has led me back to grooming and working with animals. Both children and animals are amazing to work with and I am grateful that I've been able to spend time with both.

Passions: I love making funny videos and uploading them to social media, reading random facts and trivia, hiking, and playing in a pile of puppies!

Spirit Animal: A Polar Bear

Kayla G.

Wags Team Member

Furry Friends:I definitely steer towards the unexpected! I have a wiggly California kingsnake named Samson, a baby pinktoe tarantula, and two blue death feigning beetles. Growing up, I had cats, dogs, hermit crabs, guinea pigs and more. I have loved animals since I was a small child growing up in central Florida, and spent most of my summers trying to spy on the alligators in the lake down the street.

Animal Experience: I am currently a part time keeper at the Saint Louis Zoo! I've worked with bumblebees, giant tortoises, draft horses and everything in between since graduating from college with a degree in Natural Resources.

Passions: I am a big nature lover and bird watcher. I've planned vacations just to see certain birds. Since I'm relatively new to St. Louis, I'm currently enjoying sampling lattes from all of the city's coffee shops.

Spirit Animal: A squash bee. They love pumpkins just like me!

Abby E.

Wags Team Member

Furry Friends: I grew up as a silly little girl with five kittens! My favorite game was to perch on a table and taunt them with string. I would laugh for hours! In high school I met my friend's Boxer named Bella and fell in love with dogs. In 2006, my college boyfriend and I got the love of my life, Doney. He was a black, white chested, lab mutt straight off a farm. We got him as a puppy. We meticulously trained him to be such a good boy for three years together. He was so in tune with people's emotions! Very sensitive and loving.

Current Studies: I have a Bachelor's Degree in Forestry.

Passions: The history and story of how humans and canines became companions is one I celebrate and acknowledge. We were fated for each other. I am an artist and I love cooking, canning, and making my own food products. I will probably end up and old lady with a farm and seven dogs that are bigger than me.

Spirit Animal: Blue Heron

Julian D.

Wags Team Member

Animal Experience: I grew up with all sorts of animals: dogs, cats, chickens, goats. The closest pet I ever had was my German Shepherd Max, who in my life from the single digit years to adulthood. He left by some of my best memories and I miss him dearly.

Volunteer Interests: I've volunteered at my local animal shelter.

Passions: Film, coffee and traveling!

Spirit Animal: Siberian Husky

Gavin H.

Wags Team Member

Furry Friends: A rabbit names Harriet, a Yellow Lab/Beagle mix named Jackson, and an Airedale Terrier named Adrian...these have been my furry friends in my family. Harriet was a fantastic pet that we had for 15 years...crazy for a rabbit! She wasn't afraid of our dogs or a young Gavin. Jackson was a mischievous, happy, and always hungry dog. He could get out of any obstacle or fence, and could escape the neighborhood children trying to catch him, ultimately returning home when he had frolicked around the block. Jackson once went through a newspaper phase. For a couple of days we didn't receive our newspaper...coincidentally we would find bits and pieces of shredded paper in the backyard. Turns out that when the newspaper would "thud" on the front porch, Jackson would dig underneath the fence and get the paper, then finish it in the backyard. He was a hoot! Adrian the Airedale is still with my parents and just turned 11. She is a big old grizzle bear of a dog...weighing in at 110 lbs! She is an attention seeker and a lover of all people...except delivery men. I also grew up a 4-H kid and would spend a lot of time at my grandparents farm. Raising and showing cows and pigs has played a large role in my animal loving experience.

Passions: College and career guidance, American Diabetes Association fundraising, hiking, hunting, Cardinal baseball watching , and laughing...these are my top time givers at the moment.

Spirit Animal: A badger mixed with Adele.

Anna F.

Wags Team Member

Furry Friends: We are going to adopt a new doggo in the spring! I grew up with a black lab named Thunder who was extremely energetic and a black cat named Mr. Miyagi. I was really into the karate kid.

Animal Experience: I have volunteered at Homeward Bound shelter in Decatur, Illinois during college.

Passions: I love to run, hike, and camp. I spend the rest of my free time reading and I fun the St. Louis Chapter of Feminist Literary Society.

Spirit Animal: Otter!

Brett Ellen K.

Wags Team Member

Furry Friends: I grew up with puppies - first a Nova Scotia Duck-Tolling Retriever (yes, it's a mouth-full, but they're gorgeous - look them up!) named Chloe, and then a Goldendoodle named Magnolia Belle. Maggie is back at home with my mom in Austin, Texas now and I miss her goofy, shaggy, fun-loving self. Missing her is one of the reasons I became a walker here in St. Louis!

Animal Experience: I've volunteered at both children's learning and education centers and animal shelters. While in San Francisco last year, I volunteered at the SFSPCA and worked for a dog-walking service in town while also writing children's books and keeping a full time job. Now that I've moved to St. Louis, I've kept up with the writing, and now, working for Wags, my passions are fulfilled here too :)

Passions: Other than animals and kids...hmmm. Well, I'm an obsessive reader, I love playing tennis, and I'm learning how to needlepoint. Apparently it's a St. Louis thing (or so I've been told), and I'm diving right in!

Spirit Animal: Definitely a Dolphin. They can talk and play. Need I say more?

Scott B.

Wags Team Member

Furry Friends: Sam is my Black Lab/Border Collie mix. He's a character, he often lets his excitement and enthusiasm get the better of his intelligence.

Passions: I'm interested in design, typography, signage, materials, language and ART! I'm getting into black smithing, welding, and metal working as well but it's a little more sporadic. I'm pursuing a degree in Design at Webster University. I hope to achieve an additional degree in Fabrication at a trade school thereafter.

Spirit Animal: An elephant! I'm as bold as I am gentle.

Lauren H.

Wags Team Member

Furry Friends: I've always had a dog growing up. Currently, I have Xeno, the dog. He's a small Border Collie mix, rescued from the Ozarks of Arkansas where he was abandoned. He has the most expressive face I've ever seen on a dog. I also have three boy rats: Ruby, Caesar, and Fatty. We have had several others (RIP), too. Rats get a bad rap, but they're adorable. They have very distinct personalities and are very sweet and like to give kisses and sleep cuddled together in a hammock! My home life is all boys all the time.

Passions: I'm pursuing a degree in Modern Languages with an emphasis on Spanish language & culture. I love vegan cooking & baking, reading, watching scary movies, and helping animals

Spirit Animal: A rat! They're clever, loving, & love to sleep.

Lauren K.

Wags Team Member

Furry Friends: I grew up with dogs, rabbits, hamsters, fish, and everything in between, and have been lucky enough to have roommates with awesome pups all through college. I currently live with a charismatic little pitbull mix named Hen who loves to go on walks, soak up some sun, and snuggle under the covers.

Passions: I love going to local concerts, art shows, group bike rides, and vintage shops, and I help make a monthly zine with my friends. I love St. Louis, and just like to spend my time exploring all the culture it has to offer!

Spirit Animal: A lion

Karol B.

Wags Team Member

Furry Friends: I have a motley crew of pets. Three dogs, 2 cats and a guinea pig all who have been rescued. I absolutely love being greeted at the door by my dogs jumping just waiting for me to pet them. Watching TV on the couch cuddling with them along with my kids is the best! I love that my children have picked up my love for animals.

Passions: Walking, watching my kids play sports, gardening, cooking

Spirit Animal: A dolphin

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