Tips for a Fun and SAFE (Pet) Holiday

It’s time to celebrate the New Year! You know what that means – music, party favors, bubbly, and a whole lotta fun! If you’re planning hosting a party at your home, my party hat off to you for your dedication to the holiday fun. Here are a few tips to ensure both you and your pet have a safe New Year’s celebration.

Ringing in the New Year with a BANG
Loud noises, such as those spouting forth from fun kazoos, popping Champagne bottles, and celebratory cheers, can put your pet in a panic. Fireworks, as customary during many New Year’s celebrations, are also a well-known cause of pet anxiety. Make sure your pet has access to a quiet, comfortable space during festivities. This will be the evening easier for both you and your pet.

Blame it on the alcohol
Alcohol may be fun for you, but it can be dangerous (even deadly) for pets. If your pets are anything like ours, they like to sniff & lick unattended items that may seem even the least bit tasty. Keep an eye on bottles and glasses sitting on tables or chairs that are low to the ground. And equally important, keep an eye on party-goers who may offer your pet alcohol as a treat or joke.

New Year’s Decor
Party decorations such as confetti, balloons, and streamers, can obstruct your pet’s digestive system if ingested. This can leave to vomiting, indigestion, or a major health emergency. It’s best to leave your pet’s in a separate room if you anticipate an abundance of New Year’s decor. That way, they won’t even have a chance to get their paws on attractive items that seem fun to chew. And you’ll have peace of mind, so you can celebrate without worry.

Wishing you and your pets a very Happy New Year!
-Camille & Jayce

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