Fun Dog Events in July

Summer is here and if you are looking for some fun ways to get out and get active with your dog, then have we got you covered! Check out this listing of fun local pet-friendly events happening this July right here in St. Louis:

Sunday, July 15th, 2012
Paddle With Your Pooch: 1pm

Boathouse Forest Park
6101 Government Drive
Saint Louis, MO 63110

It’s time to bring your furry friends and test your paddling prowess on the Post-Dispatch Lake in Forest Park. The ninth annual Paddle with your Pooch dog-and-master boat race will be held at the Boathouse on Sunday, July 15, 2012.  Each heat is limited to 25 boats, so sign up now to reserve your spot in the race.  A portion of the proceeds from the race will be donated to Forest Park Forever for maintaining the beauty of the park.

The entry fee is $40 per dog-and-master team.  Maximum occupancy per paddleboat is three humans and one dog. For more information, schedule of events, and to register visit: Continue reading

Live on Fox 2 News Saint Louis!

Kyle Smith, Wags Walkers’ extraordinary Dog Whisperer and Trainer was on Fox2 News yesterday morning with John Pertzborn showing him how to communicate with your dog.

Kyle explains how dogs often react to our excitement with anxiety, and how body language is the most effective form of communication between owner and dog. Watch here how Kyle communicates with Heidi, a 4 year old rescue dog, without words. Dog walking has never looked easier!

What you don’t know is that Heidi used to have severe dog aggression and anxiety issues when she was rescued off the street. After Kyle started working with her, those problems melted away, and now, Heidi is a perfect angel on and off the leash! Continue reading

Fun Summer Treat Recipes For Your Dog

With temperatures on the rise, treat your pooch to a yummy frozen treat. Below are some healthy, easy to make recipes that your pup is sure to love.
Fruity Smoothie  Mix three parts plain greek yogurt (higher and protein and lower in lactose then regular yogurt) with one part smashed or juiced strawberries, raspberries, blackberries, blueberries, or banana. Stir together thoroughly. Spoon into an ice cube tray and freeze overnight. Avoid using any kind of citrus fruit, as these are hard on your dog’s stomach and tooth enamel. Also DO NOT use grapes (or raisins) as these are very toxic to dogs.
Veggie Delight  Take low sodium beef or chicken broth. Mix in assorted fresh veggies such as carrot slices, celery chunks, or chopped green beans. Pour into ice cube tray and freeze overnight. Be sure to not use onions, as these are toxic to dogs! Continue reading

A SuperBowl Sunday Event for Animal Lovers

It’s Superbowl Sunday, and Giants & Patriot fans everywhere are getting ready for the big game! But for those of you whose teams didn’t make the final cut, there is a satisfying bit of consolation. Brace yourself for an overdose of canine cuteness, because THE PUPPY BOWL is scurrying into your living room today!

That’s right. The TV event that can keep even the most disinterested sports fans in sheer amusement with just dog walking! Airing for it’s 8th consecutive year, The Puppy Bowl shamelessly capitalizes on the irresistible antics of adorable puppies. This is a G-rated event the whole family can enjoy, and probably just as entertaining as those anticipated SuperBowl commercials. This year’s Bowl is a display of silliness, with an actual bird tweeting gameday updates, a high-flying hamster in a blimp providing play-by-plays, a piggy pep squad, and even a canine tailgating section (emphasis on the “tail”). Continue reading

Tips for a Fun and SAFE (Pet) Holiday

It’s time to celebrate the New Year! You know what that means – music, party favors, bubbly, and a whole lotta fun! If you’re planning hosting a party at your home, my party hat off to you for your dedication to the holiday fun. Here are a few tips to ensure both you and your pet have a safe New Year’s celebration.

Ringing in the New Year with a BANG
Loud noises, such as those spouting forth from fun kazoos, popping Champagne bottles, and celebratory cheers, can put your pet in a panic. Fireworks, as customary during many New Year’s celebrations, are also a well-known cause of pet anxiety. Make sure your pet has access to a quiet, comfortable space during festivities. This will be the evening easier for both you and your pet.

Blame it on the alcohol
Alcohol may be fun for you, but it can be dangerous (even deadly) for pets. If your pets are anything like ours, they like to sniff & lick unattended items that may seem even the least bit tasty. Keep an eye on bottles and glasses sitting on tables or chairs that are low to the ground. And equally important, keep an eye on party-goers who may offer your pet alcohol as a treat or joke. Continue reading