Dog and Cat Sitting by Wags

Dog Walking and Sitting by Wags

We care about your pets as much as you do. That's why we take St. Louis pet sitting and dog training to a whole new level of care and expertise! All of our walks are done SOLO, allowing us to devote our complete love and attention to your dog only. As your trusted neighborhood pet walker, we offer a number of convenient services to help keep your pets healthy and happy.
Our dog walking packages come in three sizes:Dog Walking and Sitting packages
dog walking packages
A Nice Jaunt

A 20-minute jaunt gets your dog out to stretch their legs, take care of business, and maybe even bark at a squirrel or two (if that's their thing).


20 minute dog walking St. Louis package
pet walker package
An Easy Stroll

Get your pooch outside to explore all their favorite smells, sights and sounds. They'll receive a perfect dose of attention, stimulation and exercise. You'll come home to a happier, healthier, calmer dog.


35 minute dog walking in St. Louis package
St. Louis pet walker package
An Excursion

This is 60 minutes of doggie heaven. We'll explore parks, hike up hills and trot through neighborhoods. Once we're back, we'll treat them to a big bowl of water. You'll come home to a pup who's as fit as a fiddle and happy as a dog with two tails!


60 minute St. Louis dog walking package
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